There’s challenge in submission. Do it. Break me. I dare you. Here I am all tied up and helpless and I’m still here, looking right back at you. I dare you to hit me.
Maybe it’s because I’m a switch. It feels all tied up with switching to me. Do it, because I am I and you are you and tomorrow it’ll be you in chains. Tomorrow it’s my turn. Or your turn, whatever. So I’m just me, not a submissive, just me, this is a role I’m playing. And you’re playing dominant. So hurt me. I dare you to hurt me. Make me scream. Play the game, play to win. Go on. Try and break me. Make me beg. Make me confess. Make me love my chains so much I don’t want to give them back. And tomorrow it’s a new innings and my turn to bowl.
Do it. I dare you to do it.