I want men to call me Sir. Oh yes. Want it so very much because I’m not a ma’am, ma’am grates on the ears and nobody says it right. If you’re going to say ma’am say marm. But don’t say marm. Say sir. Marm is schoolteacher, is governess, is little lady, is secondary to her man. Don’t call me madam either, madam is a prostitute and is still secondary. Don’t call me mistress. I’m not your mistress, I’m not your bit on the side, I’m not yours. Call me sir. I’m in charge. I’m the boss. I’m Sir and you do what I say. I’m the officer and I’m the CEO and I’m the torturer who’s broken you so badly that you call me Sir even while you hate me, oh yes. I want men to call me Sir because that’s got a bit of respect in it. Sir doesn’t mean anything except respect. Ma’am means you don’t even respect me enough to use consonants. None of that around here. I’m Sir to you.