I know why I like the Doctor. I can tell you exactly why I like the Doctor. It’s because I love love love the sight of David Tennant on his knees, with his suit all shredded and his face all beautiful with blood, shaking with relief and grief and then hearing his death knoll when he thought he was free. It’s because I love Chris Eccleston tied up and electrocuted and not letting it matter. It’s because he’s the Doctor, he’s the Time Lord, he’s oh so pretty and clever and I want to hurt him. I want him to be hurt for my sake. It’s because he’s so brave and so broken and still being so brave. I love me some of that emotional sadism, bring it on. Men crying. Men looking desperate and begging and pleading and the Doctor in a suit begging his dearest enemy not to die. Yum. Give me more. Give me the Doctor in chains and a whip. Please.