So here’s what I’m thinking: the foot fetishists are really getting on my nerves. I mean, I don’t mind people liking feet, but feet are to me completely non-sexual things. Feet are a chair to me. Other people are free to lick feet or admire feet or masturbate to feet all they like, but I’m not going to.
So far, no problem.
The problem comes when the foot fetish gets so tightly bound up with power exchange that I can’t find my porn for theirs. It becomes a universal assumption that all dominant women wear high heels and want submissive men to ‘worship’ their feet. Which, no, not me. I do not want you to lick my feet. I want to tie you up and do all sorts of nasty things to you, but feet are off the menu.
It further becomes an assumption that all kinky women are wearing high heels. That’s how you know they’re kinky, they wear really high heels. If they’re subs, maybe they have cute little locks on the heels. Dominant women wear high heels because it gives them so much power over men, for men cannot resist the desires of a woman wearing heels – unless she’s a sub, when it’s bondage. Somehow, submissive women find it hard to walk in six-inch heels, and dominant women don’t.
I own exactly two pairs of shoes with a heel. One of them is for parties, and the other is a pair of wellington boots. Neither heel is more than two inches high. Making a man lick them would not be hot, it would just be silly.
According to The Internet, which is the fount of all wisdom and also much foolishness, I am Doing Kinky Wrong.
If feet are your thing, go forth and be happy in a world full of feet. Just let me go my way and do my thing, which will involve feet only peripherally, as a walking apparatus. Don’t generalise your kink to me. It’s getting annoying.