So, as you may have guessed from this post, I had a weekend mainly composed of kink. As you may not have realised, it was not spent with Prometheus.
Prometheus is still my partner, but we’ve renegotiated our relationship boundaries. Now I get to play with other people as well. The weekend was the first opportunity I had, and it was wonderful in almost every way. (The unwonderful things couldn’t be helped.)
I got my first flogging from someone who didn’t think tears meant they should stop. I spent a happy hour or two in that same person’s power, being abused with knives and a pinwheel, gaining some very pretty welts and being deliciously sub-spacey. I learned from experience how important it is to discuss what exactly you are hoping for from a scene, and how communication failures can make everyone miserable. And I floated high on submission and endorphins while my feet suffered the tender ministrations of a metal claw.
I also did all the things in the preceding post, to a beautiful sub who makes some lovely noises and says even lovelier things. (They are currently trying their best to distract me via the Internet. I refuse to be beaten.)

So, from all this, I have learned various things. Four kinky freaks and a box of toys is a recipe for a really good weekend. Communication is of vital importance – I knew this before, but now I know. Claws are wonderful things and I should probably buy myself one, or several. I prefer heavy floggers to stingy ones. I don’t get possessive of tops, but I do get possessive of subs – I don’t like to share while I’m playing, and that feeling is still hanging around. I feel protective and as if I have rights over the person who subbed to me at the weekend, even outside the context of play.
I adore being addressed as Sir. I wrote about that here, but that was before I’d ever actually tried it. Now I have, and it is one of the sexiest things I have ever heard.

I need to retract some of my harsh words about foot fetishists. I still dislike how pervasive foot and shoe imagery is – it offends my sense of an efficient filing system – but I must to some extent count myself one of them. I don’t have any interest in shoes, but feet are a wonderful place to apply and receive sensation, and bare feet have a certain visual allure.