It makes me weep, to hear the things said to submissive people. To anyone who submits and isn’t cisfemale. It makes me hurt, that to dominate means to humiliate, that to dominate you I am somehow supposed to stand aloof, untouched, unmoved. The ice queen ruling the pathetic animal.

You’re not worthless. You’re not worms. You’re not boring, unimportant, ugly, undesirable, unnecessary, broken, wrong, failures, hateful, twisted, warped, unlovely, unworthy.
You are not pigs, dogs, housemaids, servants, lesser, tools, machines.
You are not dirty, contaminated, infected, diseased, filthy.

You are not unloved.

I love you.

I want you. I want you to be mine. I want you to see me and love me and let me hurt you. I want you to cry out for me, to keep silent for me. I want you to struggle against my ropes and hold steady at my command.
I want to mark you as mine, draw patterns on your flesh, bite down and drink your pain. I want you to look at me and see me and see how I want to hurt you and still let me do it. I want you to beg and plead and whisper sweet obedience to me.
I want to touch you gently, not the way I touch fragile things, but the way I touch precious ones. I want to stroke your skin and kiss your lips and marvel that you are here, that you are real, that such a day has come to me, that I hold you in my arms. I want to sleep with you against my skin and waken to your smile.

Ugly? Worthless?

You’re fucking beautiful
now scream for me.